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Brand Compliance at Every Restaurant


Control every part of your bussines

Promotional Rollouts

Make sure each restaurant has the right promotions running at the correct time


Conduct Line Checks and HACCP audits to ensure food safety and consistency

Empower Employees

Give your Line Cooks and Restaurant Managers the right tool to showcase their ongoing efforts

Improve Training Processes

Streamline how you share knowledge with your employees with reference materials

Document Incidents

Reduce future risks and minimize losses 

Corrective Actions

Alert the proper party about a problem and resolve it 

Campodata is a cloud platform used by large international brands to monitor and improve their field execution.

Currently used daily by thousands of field employees in USA, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Perú, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico.

Be a part of our global expansion!


Cobian's Plaza, Suite 409, San Juan, PR 00949

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