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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." 

Arthur C. Clarke

We've Come a Long Way

From mobile app consulting to the creation of a platform to transform field operations   

In 2013 our company developed a simple proof of concept for a retail and consumer goods company. The problem at hand was simple: provide visibility of field conditions and execution for distributed work. The solution that evolved, however, was much more transformative than what we could have imagined.


Campodata allowed the company to analyze and process real-time field data, which in return helped it streamline operations, track execution and improve brand management. 


It was not about creating a software or app, but an integrated and easy-to-use solution that leverages the power of actionable data to transform business processes. That is why from that point on Campodata has been "Data-Driven, Business Oriented". 


No matter the industry, if your focus is on quality assurance, auditing or field workforce management, we will dive deep into your operation and become an accessible ongoing consultant, making sure your company extracts as much possible value out of our proprietary tool. 

Campodata is a cloud platform used by large international brands to monitor and improve their field execution.

Currently used daily by thousands of field employees in USA, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Perú, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico.

Be a part of our global expansion!


Cobian's Plaza, Suite 409, San Juan, PR 00949

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