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We connect Field Work with Back Office

Mobile Field Performance 

Control every part of your bussines

Field employees complete a questionnaire on every visit.

Managers and supervisors can see the big picture using our proprietary compliance dashboards.

​​Dashboard data can be drilled down by channel, chain or at the store level.

Detailed reports are available 24/7 from the mobile app.

Office Web Interface

Control every part of your business

We provide you with default dashboards to help you understand the big picture, or you can create your own.

Each channel, chain, and store gets its own profile page to help you find what you need faster.

Export the data to Excel to create your own custom reports.


Some of the features included in Campodata to help with your field workflow include:

Store Check-In & Check-Out with GPS

Monitoring Promotions & Special Projects

Increase accountability. Validate the workload. Manage the performance of your field teams in real-time.

Maximize visibility on new, current or competing promotions. Leverage key data to make strategic decisions.

Brand Visibility & Store Compliance

Photo Evidence & Execution Validation

Validate coordinated planograms, identify opportunities, track competitors, and increase brand standards.

Capture photos and get eyes into the market. Monitor standards of execution with simple dashboards.

Out of Stock

Understand What’s missing, When it’s missing and Where it’s missing. Do it daily, weekly, or monthly.

Orders & Service Tickets

Put up an order – an email will reach the right party. Contact us to integrate with existing systems.

Price Audits

No more money wasted on third parties. Quickly conduct audits of your brand’s price points.

Mobile & Web Interface

Capture data on-the-go (online and offline). View insights everywhere. Good for field teams, perfect for managers.

Campodata is a cloud platform used by large international brands to monitor and improve their field execution.

Currently used daily by thousands of field employees in USA, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Perú, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico.

Be a part of our global expansion!


Cobian's Plaza, Suite 409, San Juan, PR 00949

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