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Gain a 360° View

Control every part of your business


See what needs to be done and who needs to do it based on captured field data.


Simple Dashboard Mobile Apps to monitor current conditions of stores, locations or facilities.


Set standards of execution and monitor those standards against field data.


Cloud based platform able to adapt to any operating system.


Monitor changes across time, identify patterns or trends, and monitor staff performance.

Optimizing Field Execution

An integrated solution to help you assign, execute and monitor your field operations. 
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We connect field work with the back office


Improve store level execution


Increase your customer satisfaction



Ensure compliance & fast approvals

Some of the Customers and Brands We Serve

Creating partnerships for success across the world.

Global Pet Food Brands
National Distributors
Global Snack Brands
Audit & Merchandising Providers
Global Confectionery Brands
National Dairy Company
National Produce Distributor
Cosmetics Brands
Global Beer Brands
Global Soft Drink Brands
National Baking Company
Pharmaceutical Brands
Fashion Accesory Brands
Global Plastics Brand
Schedule a live demo

Schedule a Live Demo

Learn how Campodata can help your company maximize its field execution strategy and increase revenue.

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Campodata is a cloud platform used by large international brands to monitor and improve their field execution.

Currently used daily by thousands of field employees in USA, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Perú, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico.

Be a part of our global expansion!


Cobian's Plaza, Suite 409, San Juan, PR 00909

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